Insight Condo Services Inc.
4002, 918 - 16 Avenue NW
Calgary, Alberta
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condosFinancial Management Services:
  • Work with the Board of Directors to prepare an operating budget
  • Collect condominium fees and deposit funds in a separate bank account
  • Assist the Board in investing Reserve funds and any surplus operating fund
  • Pay all bills or other payments as required
  • Maintain records of all financial transactions and provide the Board with financial statements on a quarterly basis
  • Forward financial statements to an accountant for auditing at the Condominium’s expense
  • Keep a list of all owners and relevant information
  • Send up to 2 letters to owners each time they are in arrears
  • Issue estoppel certificates and other documents to owners for a fee
  • Provide phone and/or e-mail consultation for board members on these and other issues: Condominium Property Act, By-laws, Reserve Fund Study and Plan, options for collecting arrears, information on contractors, professionals, etc.
  • Provide guidance with insurance appraisals, coverage and claims
  • File changes in the Board of Directors, address for service and bylaws with the Land Titles Office (cost of filing paid for by Condo)
  • File and discharge caveats
    (fees recovered from the owner in arrears)
  • Write letters on behalf of the Corporation at the Board’s request
  • Assist with planning and attend the Annual General Meeting
*Additional services may be negotiated on a case by case basis.